Nutrasmoke - The Blast That Lasts®

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Introducing Nutrasmoke – a premium range of the best air fresheners and AIR SANITISERS. Using advanced aerosol technology which eliminates odours instantly, our enticing car scents are designed to last – and with each spray the actuator system releases and permeates the fabrics within the area. Unlike other car spray fresheners, we develop with a high concentration of scent, so a little spray goes a long way!

  • 500ML

Fill your car, home, office or anywhere with beautiful aromas, and add a burst of freshness, wherever you go with our carefully crafted air freshener spray.


The apple tree originated in Central Asia, where its wild ancestor, Malus Sieversii, is still found today. Cinnamon has been in use by humans for thousands of years as early as 2,000 B.C. Egyptians employed it, as well as the related spice cassia, a perfuming agent. Allow this warm and rich scent drift you away to those cosy nights in on a cold evening in front of the fireplace.

This beautiful and eloquent essence best suited for those women seeking for a bit of indulgence. This is a soft and floral aura, bringing a touch of summer to your surroundings.

Blxk is a masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot top notes, wild lavender and subtle florals hints followed by a sandalwood and soothing musk note. This is a scent reminding you of the woods after a thunderstorm, clean and elemental, slightly sandalwood with a feel of expensive cologne.

The plantings of cherry trees originated in 1912 as a gift of friendship. In Japan, the flowering cherry tree, or ‘Sakura’, is an exalted flowering plant. The scent of the cherry blossom is very intense and gives off a bitter sweet aroma.

The cranberry is one of only a handful of major fruits native to North America. This is a sweet, traditional cranberry scent, It opens with a tart note of cranberry, which later blooms in fullness thanks to its powerful woody, floral and musky notes.

A rich classy scent with a blend of Papaya, Lemon, Bergamot, and Mandarin Oranges, for those moments where you deserve a little bit of indulgence in life, which will uplift the spirit and enhance your mood.

Get wrapped up in a cocoon of softness, evoking thoughts of crisp spring air containing a hint of cotton blossom. Clean cut as an azure sky of the deepest summer.

'A legacy is something that is a part of your history that remains from an earlier time’.

Legacy pays homage to the natural beauty of the Emerald Isle. Sweet top notes of lemon and verbena are reminiscent of the vibrant flowers of Irish wilderness. The elegant tones of fantasy iris are notably distinct from the subtly herbal tones of the violet leaf. Make Ireland a part of your story today with our exclusive air freshener, Legacy.

The lemon tree hails from Asia but has been cultivated in Italy since at least the fourth century. The distinctively clean, sharp and citrus, fragrance of fresh lemon is unbeatably clean cut to add a burst of freshness to the interior of any vehicle.

The very first strawberry garden was grown in Brittany, France, during the late 18th century. Since then the delectable aroma of strawberry is perhaps one of the most popular scents around. Starting with an intoxicatingly fresh fragrance and ending with a sensuous sweet aura.

The King is the most important piece in a game of chess. Every move should be made with thoughtful planning, and so should the choice in fragrance you surround your self with. If you’re looking for a fragrance that will conquer any battle, then this fresh and clean fusion of Bergamot, Ambroxan and Lavender top notes will ensure you succeed. “A King is not born, he is made”

A scent best described as an ‘Italian spring morning of mountain daffodils and orange blossoms after the rain’ as famously quoted by the famous Italian perfume maker Giovanni Maria Farina. A scent reminding you of the woods after a thunderstorm, clean and elemental, slightly sandalwood, and coumarin.

For almost 4,000 years, watermelons have been recognised as one of the most lusciously mouth-watering fruits around. The fresh scent of watermelon is beautifully complemented by soothing undertones of jasmine, the ‘perfume of love.’ Bright top notes of kiwi and red currant add a tropical burst of tartness to the sweet and exotic fragrance of Watermeln.

The wild berry, from nature’s garden, is a fruity combination of berry scents that is sure to please anyone looking for a bright fruit scent. This scent has a vibrant aroma to awaken the senses with its lush and sparkling top notes.